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Other Writings

Freedman, Michael.  "Why are Israel's religious parties suddenly so influential." Monkey Cage, January 26, 2018.

Working Papers

"Fighting from the Pulpit: Religious Leaders and Violent Conflict in Israel." Under review. (pdf)

"Vote with Your Rabbi: The Polarizing Effect of Religious Institutions in Israel." (pdf)

"The Evolution of Socio-Semantic Networks: A Methodological Synthesis of Topic and Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models." (with Daniel Karell). Invited for inclusion in special issue of Poetics.

"Varieties of Radicalism: Temporality, Morality, and the Languages of Localism." (with Daniel Karell). In progress.

"Drone Strikes and Phone Spikes: The Effect of Drone Strikes on Cellphone Communication in Yemen." (with Fotini Christia, Leon Yao, Spyros I. Zoumpoulis, Ali Jadbabaie, and Jure Leskovec). In progress.